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About Sargeant Legal P.S.

Sargeant Legal P.S. advises and represents decision makers in commercial and residential real estate transactions and litigation.

The law firm’s clients are buyers, sellers, lenders, landlords, tenants, brokers, lawyers, title companies and others in the real estate and land title industries whose interests require experienced, knowledgeable, creative approaches to complex and difficult situations.

Real estate and land titles tell peoples’ stories, they are our histories. The ability to discern the nature and scope of real estate rights, titles and interests adds significant value to our clients’ businesses and results.

We help our clients to close deals, to resolve disputes, to understand and respond to the myriad of questions that arise in the course of acquiring, disposing, re-configuring, developing and financing land interests.

Robert W. Sargeant

Rob Sargeant is a lawyer admitted to practice law in Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and a number of federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court. His experience in the courtroom, in transaction closings, with problem-solving and in negotiating resolutions to difficult conflicts and in reaching consensus, spans decades and reaches coast to coast.

More About Sargeant Legal P.S.

When called to advise clients, Rob represent parties in cases and transactions, testifies in court and speaks at conferences, Rob travels to locations as needed; he is also regularly in Portland, Oregon and Anchorage, Alaska. Rob consults on real estate and land title matters, provides expert assessments and witness testimony, and delivers lectures in major metropolitan areas.

Sargeant Legal P.S. consistently delivers quality real estate and land title legal services. Rob managed a national title services office closing commercial transactions throughout the United States, often engaged as the title underwriter making insurance underwriting and closing decisions that determined whether transactions would close. Rob has also been selected by major national title insurance underwriters to represent their companies along with persons and entities insured by their policies when they become involved in lawsuits or have problems affecting title to their properties.

Law Practice and Legal Experience

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